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Minha Casa Minha Vida 🏚️ - Grupo de WhatsApp

Details of the My House My Life group 🏚️

The WhatsApp group My House My Life 🏚️ was added on Solion on 20/06/2022 by our member Emerson Panta. All kinds of people like to join this group.

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How to make a group call from WhatsApp?

Did you know you can make a group call on whatsapp? Yes, you can make group calls of up to 4 people at a time, with you and 3 more. Calls can be video or audio. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Whatsapp and click on the group you want to make the call.
  2. In the upper right corner of the group, click the phone icon with a plus sign.
  3. From the list that was opened, select up to 3 people.
  4. Finally, click the video camera icon if you want to create a video call, or click the phone icon to create an audio call.

⚠️ Important warning ⚠️

Never provide any number sent by SMS to anyone by WhatsApp! That's Blow! WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and no other company will contact you through WhatsApp asking for verification code!

Group: My House My Life 🏚️ – WhatsApp Link

My Home My Life 🏚️ - WhatsApp Group

Group description

The group aims to make friends and have fun, and be yourself! Boy, girl or whatever! The group is new so give it a try, I promise it will be a great experience and opportunity to meet nice people!

Group rules

Group of the lively crowd ?? If presented with : Name Age Photo State Sexuality Is Prohibited ⚠️ Homophobic Racism Xenophobia Pedophilia Zoophilia Videos ? Invade PV without permission 16-20 years ⚠️

How to join the WhatsApp group

You can use our invitation link to join the My Home My Life group on 🏚️ WhatsApp:

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