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The group of WhatsApp little secrets – RPG was added on our website on 15/06/2022 by our member bee. The number of members of this group is growing more and more to this day.

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Many people have made new friends through the little secrets group – RPG on WhatsApp. We removed groups that have been deleted or have had their links revoked by administrators.

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little secrets - RPG - WhatsApp Group

Group description

History: teenagers loving their parents are taken to boarding school promises to fix the things that are "wrong" with teenagers to little teens who just want to escape a little from the real world or forget the traumas are victims of this school victims of their own family but there are people inside who understand the side of the little ones understand their pain So help

Group rules

The rule is to have no prejudice and be educated Without racism Can not homophobia Without fights This is a safe place for old returners Respect the adms if not follow the rules will be rearrested Thank you

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