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On 11/06/2022, member William Santos published his WhatsApp Mundo Gamer group🕹️ on our website. On our website you will find various information about whatsApp groups.

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You may have to wait until there is a vacancy in the World Gamer group if🕹️ it is too crowded. So always be patient! Here at Solion, we have thousands of groups but we also have the best groups!

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To add someone to a WhatsApp group, follow the steps below: Open Whatsapp and click the group you want to add someone. Click the group name at the top. Scroll down to the attendee list and click Add participants. From the list that will open, select all the people you want to add to the group. Finally, click the Add button in the upper right corner. Please note: to add participants to the whatsapp group, you must be group admin.

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Enter the Mundo Gamer group🕹️ on WhatsApp

Mundo Gamer🕹️ - WhatsApp Group

Group description

Welcome To The World Gamer🕹️ Group With The Intention of Making Friends And Playing Various Mobile Games Online. Discord:Coming Soon:14 to 25✅ Recruitment For Your Time Games✅ To Play Along Ex: Free Fire,Mobile Apex, Brawl Stars,pubg,stumble guys

Group rules

Menstruation:?Forbidden Fight ?Forbidden Flodar ?Banned Racism ?Forbidden Link Misleading ?Forbidden DDD Foreign ? Forbidden Other Subject Other Than Gamer Discord:Soon Age:14 to 25✅ Recruitment For Your Team✅

How to join the WhatsApp group

Use our invitation link to join the World Gamer group on🕹️ WhatsApp:

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