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The administrator of the WhatsApp FRIENDSHIP AND DATING group 😍😜 added their group on our website on 10/06/2022. This group is part of a list of many famous groups on WhatsApp that has more than 300 group links for you to join.

The FRIENDSHIP AND DATING group 😍😜 has been added in the WhatsApp Friendshipgroups category. Within the Solion App you can find other groups similar to this easily through the list of this category.

Many people have been looking for FRIENDSHIP AND DATING in 😍😜 recent days. Members of this group have been rising above average for the past 7 days! We don't have a catch! Enter the invitation link without anyone needing to add you to groups!

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  5. Finally, click Delete group.

You must remove all participants from the group before leaving the group, because otherwise the group will not be deleted and one of the participants will become the new group admin.

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Group description

There's always another chance, another friendship, another love, a new strength. For all purpose, a new beginning Make friends meet new people send phrases texts reports flirt with friends welcome

Group rules

Rules of the ❌group Prohibited pornographic ❌content Prohibited any kind of discrimination ❌Prohibited disclosure of other groups ❌Prohibited send links Prohibited change name ❌and the icon of the group, because this and our indentity ❌Prohibited any type of current ???Anyone with racist acts will be out of the group with no right of defense. ❌Forbidden discussions in ❌the group Forbidden disclosure of profile, be it any social network Make friends, meet new people, send phrases / texts / reports? Welcome back.

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