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WhatsApp BTS Group ❤️ has been part of our website since 22/06/2022 and was added by our member Michelle Caldas . This group is part of a list of several well-known groups on WhatsApp that has over 300 group links for you to join.

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Mainly people from Brazil and the capital are searching for BTS and ❤️ there are many different DDD people in this group. Our site is always up to date with the best valid groups.

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BTS ❤️ - WhatsApp Group

Group Description

Welcome to the bts 😊 group here we allowed to talk about BTS photo video 📸 music🎥 bts forbidden swearing controversy like this group is 🎶 not a fan of the only army who is not a fan of leaving bts, the new group then the army let me turn this group into a good thing remember to post things from bts just to post things from bts ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is to

group rule

Forbidden photo allowed like swearing quarrel? Video? Music? This group is only for the army which is not a fan of leaving the BTS, the new group so the army gives me a help pfvr vomos turns this group into a good thing Remember to just post things from BTS ❤️❤️❤️

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