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The Harvard 📚 BR group ♥️ was added to our website on 07/06/2022. The content of this page may be different from what you see in the group because the group admin hasn't updated their content since they signed up.

The administrator of the mc alan group chose to promote the group in our WhatsApp Study Groups category. Did you like this group? You can always access your category to quickly find other similar groups.

We can't confirm, since we don't keep an eye on the Harvard BR group every day ♥️, but we have a 📚 large number of research for your DDD in that group. On our site you choose the group you want to join and simply click on the link and ready: already joined the group!

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📚 Harvard BR ♥️ - WhatsApp Group

Group description

Havard BR Group welcome students from all over Brazil a group where you can interact, share and make new friends want to be part of the gp is simple between the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/GkcOCNP962gB0RessvnJW4

Group rules

Forbidden=fights Forbidden=name-calling Respect for each other This group is exclusive to students from all over Brazil who want to disseminate study subjects and share ideas are very welcome

How to join the WhatsApp group

You can join the Harvard 📚 BR group by ♥️ the button below on WhatsApp:

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