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The owner of whatsApp's group, 🇺🇦SECTOR OF THE RIGHT🇺🇦, published it on 05/06/2022 on our website. When joining the group, make sure that all the information is correct.

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We can't confirm, since we don't keep an eye on the RIGHT SECTOR group every day🇺🇦, but we have a 🇺🇦large number of searches for your DDD in that group. We removed groups that have been deleted or have had their links revoked by administrators.

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🇺🇦RIGHT SECTOR🇺🇦 – WhatsApp Group Link

🇺🇦RIGHT SECTOR🇺🇦 - WhatsApp Group

Group description

Group for debates and talk about the world right. We support Ukraine, we are anti-war, anti-progressivism and anti-communism. The idea of the group is to have diversity of conservative ideas, ancaps, liberals, etc. You're all welcome. 🙂

Group rules

Forbidden porno Prohibited cp Forbidden spam Banned leftists Banned Nazis Forbidden scam Forbidden invade PV We will keep respect to members and have a civilized discussion, we are a serious group.

How to join the WhatsApp group

The SECTOR 🇺🇦GROUP ON THE RIGHT🇺🇦 is available on WhatsApp. Click the button below to join the group:

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