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The EDR 🅿️🅾️ DEXTER E 🅰️MIZADES💥🇯🇲 group entered our list of links on 07/06/2022. This group occupies a prominent position in its category, as it has received more than 16493 disclosures and more than 66496 likes.

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We can't confirm, since we don't keep an eye on the Dexter E MIZADES💥🇯🇲 E DRI 🅰️🅾️ group every day, but we have a 🅿️large number of research for your DDD in that group. Here on our website you do not waste time with invalid links. Be sure to download our website for Android!

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What is the limit of people in a WhatsApp group?

Currently, a WhatsApp group has a capacity of up to a maximum of 256 people. However, initially only 100 people were allowed per group, but over time and exponential growth of the application, WhatsApp decided in 2016 to increase the capacity from 100 to 256 which is the current limit of the messenger.

⚠️ Important warning ⚠️

Never provide any number sent by SMS to anyone by WhatsApp! That's Blow! WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and no other company will contact you through WhatsApp asking for verification code!

Enter the EDR 🅿️🅾️ DEXTER and 🅰️MIZADES group💥🇯🇲 on WhatsApp


Group description

best group💃🔥🍻💯 1️. WHEN ENTERING PRESENT YOURSELF WITH NAME .. PHOTO.. AGE.. CITY👏🏻 FORBIDDEN PORN❌❌❌ 1 can not invade pv 2…. can not under 18 3….can not links whatsapp groups 4….can not work disclosure link (Eg: PIX, increase of followers, etc). 5th can foreign numbers 6nao send nuds or will be removed 7…. more than 3 consecutive figures is temporary ban 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Group rules

Forbidden porn Is not allowed nuds or any kind of sensual photo Can not foreign number or fake Can not under 18 years Can not anything linked to disclosure of fake notes or pix And can not link from other whatsapp groups

How to join the WhatsApp group

You can join the Dexter 🅿️E🅾️ 🅰️MIZADES E E DRO group via💥🇯🇲 the link below.

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