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The Friendship ⚜️24 Hours group ⚜️ entered our list of links on 10/06/2022. WhatsApp groups are always changed. Therefore, the data may be out of date.

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24 Hour ⚜️Friendship Group Details ⚜️

⚜️24 Hour Friendship ⚜️ - WhatsApp Group

Group description

A group where you can make friends or dating!!! when entering the group group is soon interacting with the crowd, if not and ban!!! I hope you enjoy the group, if you want to share with a friend I thank you, welcome sejão 😜🤙✌️ .

Group rules

? invade pv!!!! ?links from other groups!!!! ? name-calling against participants!!!! ?flodar figurines!!!! ? adult content!!!! ? disclose things unrelated to the group!!!! People over the age of 20!!!! ? fake numbers!!!!

How to join the WhatsApp group

You can join the 24 ⚜️Hour Friendship group by ⚜️ the button below on WhatsApp:

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