Group: Σ for Virtual Friends – WhatsApp Link

WhatsApp Group Virtual Friends entered our list of links on 11/06/2022. When joining the group, make sure all the information is correct.

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There are already 250 active members in this group! Group virtual friends is very popular and especially in the last week! Here in Solion, we have thousands of groups but we also have the best groups!

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Group: Σ for Virtual Friends – WhatsApp Link

WhatsApp Group - Virtual Friends

Group Description

Hello, I hope you have fun and make new friends or even who knows more. When presenting yourself with name, city, and age (this is not a mandatory photo) 😁 I now ask you to read the rules of the group so that you can't afford to remove, if you know me. Anything you guys can😁🤙 see in me in PV if someone in the group comes to sending inappropriate things in your PV

group rule

1-No links to other groups, ads, money-making apps and so on… 2-Forbidden adult content or something vague, if you want to scan XV, what you want, not here! 3-Remove any lovely and on occasion respecting group members and adms regardless of their color, race, religion and sexuality. 4-invasion of PV without permission and prohibited.

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