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The vampire diary group entered our link list on 05/16/2021. Always remember that groups have rules that must be respected!

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The administrator of the group The vampire diaries did not expect it to gain as much attention as it is having. On our site you choose the group you want to join and just click on the link and you're done: you've already joined the group!

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Vampire Diaries - WhatsApp Link Group

Group description

The fan club group of vampire diaries the original legacies and more come to join us in a fan club group of vampire diaries and much better series we accept all ages the group and you and mine and our ✌️

Group rules

Group rules of vampire diaries No pornography No fights in the group we will talk about TV series as the original vampire diaries legacies of the entire twilight saga and much more in the group we accept everything only no adult jokes please who posts pornography in the group will be removed from the group immediately ✌️

How to join the WhatsApp group

The vampire diary group is available on WhatsApp. Click the button below to join the group:

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