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FLASHBOT - Grupo para telegram

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The owner of the Telegram group, FLASHBOT, released it on 06/06/2022 on our website. Telegram groups are always changed. Therefore, the data may be out of date.

The administrator of the tiago firmino group chose to publicize the group in our Category Extra Income. By going to the category page you can find other groups similar to FLASHBOT.

The flashbot group administrator didn't expect him to gain as much attention as he's getting. We have no limits, but read all the information and rules before you leave entering all our groups.

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What is TravaZAP? How to lock whatsApp from a person?

Named affectionately as TravaZap, the problem happens when the user receives a message that damages the application; may even restart the phone.

is a compact bomb, or crasher, which is characterized by a long message and which has some cipher characters, whose meaning cannot be seen immediately. Thus, it is understood that the main purpose of this type of message is to lock WhatsApp, or, in some situations, the entire cell phone of the victim.

The people who send travazap claim that this is a form of justice, but most of the time, this attitude can be understood as revenge or mess. When this happens, we must immediately block these people, thereby avoiding harm.

What to do if I get a travazap?

If you get the trollada of travazap, the first thing to do is try to block the person who sent it, but do it by the computer. In that case, you can change your privacy so only your contacts can see you, then remove the message you receive.

⚠️ Important warning ⚠️

Never provide any number sent by SMS to anyone by WhatsApp! That's Blow! WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and no other company will contact you through WhatsApp asking for verification code!

Flashbot Group Link

FLASHBOT - Telegram Group

Group description

💯🔰🔴LAUNCH PRE REGISTRATION 🔴🔰💯 ⚠🆘PROFIT OF 120% IN ONLY *(30 CALENDAR DAYS)* ⚖🆘⚠ ACTIVE PACKAGES⚖ 🥇R$100,00+[120%]=220.00 🥈✅ R$250.00+[120%]=550.00 🥉✅ R$500.00+[120%]=1100.00✅ 🎖R$1,000.00 +[120%]=2.200,00✅ Come be part of my network: 📝link to register soon📝 🆘PROFITABILITY IS CORDO WITH THE DAYS OF YOUR INVESTMENT🆘 1 day = 1%16 day = 29% 2 day = 2%.17 day = 32% 3 day = 3%18 day = 36% 4 days = 4%19 day = 42% 5 day = 5%20 day = 58% 6 day = 6%21 day = 63% 7 day = 8%22 day = 66% 8 day = 10%23 day = 70% 9 day = 12%24 day = 73% 10 day = 14%25 day = 77% 11 day = 17%26 day = 80% 12 days = 20%27 day = 84% 13 day = 23%28 day =88% 14 day = 25%29 day =100% 15 day = 27%30 day = 120% ✅ INDICATION BONUS : IN 5 NIVEIS UP TO 27% ✅ AUTOMATIC ACTIVATIONS : BITCOIN, BANKON AND PIX. ✅ INCOME ISIS : SECOND TO FRIDAY. ✅ STATEMENT : MONDAY TO FRIDAY.

Group rules

Don't swear. – No sending content about Pornography. – Prohibited Links that is not related to our platform. – Forbidden to call members of the channel in private. – No parallel matters.

How to join the Telegram group

Use our invitation link to join the FLASHBOT group on Telegram:

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