🖤Depressive Angels 3🖤 – Group to disagree

🖤Anjos Depressivos 3🖤 - Grupo para discord

🖤Depressive Angels 3🖤 – Discord Group Link

The Group 🖤Depressive Angels 3 was🖤 released by several members of our site. On the day this group was added thousands of other groups were also added in the Friendship /General category.

User Pekenah silva added the Group Depressive 🖤Angels 3 in the🖤 Friendship /General category. By going to the category page you can find other groups similar to 🖤Depressive Angels 3🖤.

The administrator of the 🖤Depressive Angels 3 group didn't🖤 expect him to gain as much attention as he's getting. Here at Solion, we have thousands of groups but we also have the best groups!

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🖤Depressive Angels 3🖤 – Discord Group Link

🖤Depressive Angels 3🖤 - Discord Group

Group description

We decided to open the 3rd support group When entering if you have any questions you can call the adm (Andressa) responsible for group 3. This group is intended for people who suffer: with Depression, Anxiety Attacks, Bipolarity. And among other diseases (remembering we are not professionals) we are here to help "advice, listen, teach and learn" we are a large community composed with people who suffer from msm problems, together we are❤stronger be all welcome, feel at ease.

Group rules

⚠️RULES: ⚠️Forbidden fights (taunts, Disrespect, criticism, etc.) ⚠️Forbidden adult content? ⚠️Forbidden To Give Up. ⚠️Forbidden links, chains, fake notes. ❗Ban❗ We hope understanding and respect of all you guys, goes through so it is not easy so pfvr does not enter to mess up. We adms thank you

How to join discord's group

You can use our invitation link to join the Depressive 🖤Angels 3 group in🖤 Discord:

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