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One of our members registered the Discord Hacker Course 💻☠️group☠️🖥️ on our website on 08/06/2022. All kinds of people like to join this group.

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People mainly from Brazil and capital are searching for Hacker 💻☠️Course and☠️🖥️ this group has people from several different DDDs. Our site is always up to date with the best valid groups.

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Group: 💻☠️Hacker Course☠️🖥️ – Discord Link

💻☠️Hacker Course☠️🖥️ - Discord Group

Group description

The best and most complete course in the field of ethical hacker. More than 60 practical video lessons with teacher available to take questions when needed. At the end of the course you still receive the certificate of completion. To know what will be taught so much in the course just join the group and read the description.

Group rules

Illegal activities are prohibited. No porn. Forbidden fake notes. No sales. No chains. Forbidden disrespect. Any kind of matter that has nothing to do with the group is prohibited.

How to join discord's group

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