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the mobsters plug - WhatsApp Group

Group description

┍─────┙◆┕─────┑ Themes:ABO, mafia/gangster _Ano 1990_ _Uma city is recenformed in the center of southern France with the name of Paris. With the aim of being a prosperous city to the new century that is to come being then finalised in the 2000_ Year 2000 _Quando its first inhabitants arrive to live in this city and some of them were ex mobsters with _A legacy and history left behind with the aim of stopping with isso._ _Ano 2002_ the first generation of children born in the city of Paris and the city begins to grow increasing its popularity drastically covering up the former mobsters who were fleeing the passado._ *18 ANos After* The year 2020 _Algo strange begins to happen and apparently during this time of growth of children they discovered the stories of their parents some of them creating a huge desire to follow with the legacy of their parents and besides the reason the ex-mobsters come here to this city the manifestation of a new generation of humans with different genetics similar to the Wolves Many say that the origin of this is a post-apocalyptic idea, where the survivors of the two species, in order to preserve both, mated and started the Alphas, Betas and Omegas. Another theory is that some scientists have created in the laboratory hybrids of humans and wolves, forming, from there the Alphas, Betas and omegas

Group rules

– no fights – no homophobia – hot moderately – no pornographic photos – respect and good and everyone likes – do not invade the pv of others without authorization – mark an adm after entering for them to notice their presence – is above all, have fun

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